23 Şubat 2013 Cumartesi


 -I want to promote my business and have people see my work. I make handbags and jewelry. I take recycled leather and take my own ideas and make handbags according to my tastes and fashion.

 -I want to give away one of my designs to someone who shares my work on their Facebook and twitter and email to show friends and family and coworkers my work. 

 -I will choose the person who shares with the most people and they will get the prize and receive one of my handmade bracelets or necklaces. The more people see my work, the more they will share it and get it out there for other people to see. I take pride in my work and love what I do. The result f my work is for everyone to see. 

-Please share my Facebook Page and help support my work. I really appreciate it. I will choose on April 25ft, and that lucky winner will receive a necklace with bracelet. Good Luck Everyone!:) 

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